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What is Change Management
What is Change Management
Definition of Change Management
Change Quotes
Quotes About Change

Change Management Process
Change Management Process
Organizational Change Process for Fast Rapid Results!
Stakeholder Analysis
Needs of Stakeholders
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Stages of Grief

Change Management Models
Change Management Models
John Kotter
Deming Cycle - PDCA Cycle - Shewhart Cycle
Kurt Lewin 3 Phases Change Theory and Universally Accepted Change Management

Change Management Tools
Change Management Tools
Force Field Analysis
Fishbone Diagram
RACI Charts

Six Sigma
Define six sigma. What is six sigma?
An overview of six sigma. The requirements for success, when to use it and when not to.
Six sigma history and Motorola six sigma.
The steps in six sigma methodology.
The six sigma process and six sigma basics for process improvement jobs.
What is lean six sigma, lean six sigma training, lean six sigma tools and the lean six sigma methodology.

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Change Management Templates and Downloads
SIPOC Diagram Template.pdf - from the Steps in Six Sigma Methodology
Change Quotes.pdf - that include the word 'change'.
Quotes About Change.pdf - that do not include the word 'change'.

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