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My name is Peter Barron, at the time of writing this page I am in my later thirties. Born in Sydney Australia, currently I live in Hong Kong and spend different times of the year living between the two wonderful cities.

A brief introduction to me personally would be that of all the things there are to experience in life my favorite thing to do is travel the world. Since beginning to travel often from my early twenties to this date I have visited 46 countries. I enjoy mostly meeting people from the different cultures, learning about their lives, joys and challenges and their favorite things to do.

I have a passionate interest in international cultures, history and international foods. Travelling allows me to experience and learn more about these and it broadens my mind to the world. In several different wonderful places I have been lucky to be invited to visit the homes of lovely people to eat their home cooked meals, and often with produce from their own land in some amazing and beautiful environments.

Below is a recent photo taken at Petra Jordan in early 2013. Visiting Petra is a part of one of my life goals.

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With my travels I have three clear goals.

1. Travel to and know well a minimum of 50 countries.
2. To visit all the continents and regions of the world, including the Arctic and Antarctic.
3. Visit all of the famous 21 man made wonders and 21 natural wonders of the world.

Each of these goals is fairly close to being achieved.

Many people ask me do I have a favorite country. My answer is that I feel each country has their own beauties. Some have foods I prefer more than others and some have climates, history and culture I find more interesting than others. Overall I think the world is a wonderful and beautiful place and I just love being a part of it.

Other things I enjoy to do most of all are spending time with family and friends, fishing and camping, and playing golf and tennis.

Of cause I have a professional side to. I have a passionate interest for helping companies perform better and to receive their maximum return on their investment in operations. But travelling is my greatest passion.

All that said, if travelling the world could be for you, then find out more about why I started this web site. Check out this brief video below. It explains SBI and how it has been life changing for me!

My Professional Profile

View my professional profile, including my history as a change management consultant: Coming soon

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