Definition of Change Management

Which Definition of Change Management?

When we research the definition of change management we find many different descriptions and explanations. It can be confusing and it can be misleading.

So as a change management consultant I needed to present the definition of change management that I think best reflects the business world we experience today.

Not just prosci change management definitions or one that explains the IT change management process. But instead, a change management definition that is relevant across an entire organization.

My Definition of Change Management

Change management is the process of continually developing, managing and sustaining change and improvements in an organization. To maximize the collective benefits for all people, structural and strategic elements of the organization towards achieving the purpose of the organizations existence.

Now that sounds like a mouthful to take in, but when we think about it, it is very accurate and very correct.

This Definition of Change Management is Critical to the Success of Your Business!

Having a razor sharp focus on your firms ability to change continually and rapidly means that your organization is in the best position it can be. Certainly for responding to competitive and market forces and top down corporate pressures.

No other element of the business is responsible to achieve this.

If we are planning using out of date systems and processes that no-longer apply in the 21st century business landscape what will happen to our business? Our operations strategy will be out of date and the method used to implement change will be out of date as well.

The potential benefits of change management would not be achieved. The results would be disastrous for the business.

Successful organizational change management and change management implementation links and relates the people, structure and strategy elements of the business together on a continual basis for the life of the business.

Changes originate as ideas from people. These ideas need to be defined, developed and implemented consistently for companies to be high performers.

The structure needs to be in place to support this process and the resulting changes. And the changes need to be aligned to achieve the company's strategy.

This concept of how it all comes together is what I attempt to get across with this definition of change management.

The Most Relevant Definition of Change Management!

As a change management consultant and business improvement specialist, I can stand with my definition of change management as the most relevant in the current business environment and competitive landscape. Why?
  • My definition of change management entails the understanding that companies all over the world are continually faced with a broad array of external challenges. Including to combat and maintain preparedness for global financial issues, eve-increasing competition, environmental and government regulations an so on.

  • It evolves from the understanding of internal pressures from within our own businesses, and from our own colleagues, etc and for whatever reason, that some aspect of our businesses needs to be improving continually.

  • It reflects the point that to achieve the best you possibly can, to increase the overall organizational performance, individuals and companies have to do more than just work harder constantly driving to increasing throughput.

  • It reflects the fact that to be high performing companies, firms must be geared for achieving sustainable results fast. And that means they have to be continually guiding and managing the people, structural and strategy elements towards improvement.

What Happens if We Adapt a Narrow Focus Towards Change Management?

If our definition of change management and therefore the way we approach change management eliminates either of the three elements of people, structure and strategy there will be gaps, there will be faults.

If our change management plans, our change management implementation, and or our strategies for managing change are too narrow, if they do not include the aspect of continually managing change management as an everyday aspect of the way we do business, then we will not be able to achieve fast competitive results.

Our firm will most likely just be an average performer.

See my page on the change management definitions that I believe are incorrect and or are not complete... (Coming Soon).


Change management is the organizational activity that should be engrained in the firm as a part of the way we do business everyday.

Change management plan templates should include a section defining how the business will manage change and improvement processes on a daily basis. To define change management as a continual activity.

The benefits of change management are achieved through the broader company achieving its objectives, not necessarily in the application of a single change.

This is change management best practice. An aspect of 21st century change management model requirements. Beyond contemporary change management models theories and academia. A definition of change management and the theory of change management from the applied experiences of a change management consultant.

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