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The change management tools below help deliver benefits to organisations.

These include force field analysis, RACI Charts, fishbone diagrams and more. To help you build a high performance team, to increase productivity, to make the changes you need to get results.

Much of my experience as a change management consultant has involved using these tools. They are among the best available and can be used across a whole range of activities.

In short, using these will help you succeed. A few minutes of your time now could save you a lot of time and money.

Force Field Analysis

Force Field Analysis
Force field analysis (Kurt Lewin force field analysis) is used in project implementations for positioning. To help determine what aspects of the business are supporting the project, and what are the issues and forces working against it.

Also this is great for helping achieve output and action focused effective business meetings. Kurt Lewin Force Field Analysis

Fishbone Diagram
Fishbone Diagram
Fishbone diagrams, are also referred to as fishbone charts or ishikawa diagrams. They are a type of cause and effect diagram that provides users with a tool for visualising the causes and drivers of an outcome, or the head of the fish.

Using this tool assists us to focus on the events, processes and activities and there sub parts that lead to an output, be it a positive or negative output. Fishbone Diagram

raci matrix
RACI is an acronym that stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed, and is designed for identifying activities that need to be done and who has to do them.

The RACI Chart is a matrix also commonly referred to as the RACI Matrix or RACI Diagram.

This two page RACI guide explains what are RACI charts and how to make them and there is a RACI template free for download.

Why do a RACI? Immediate RACI Benefits for Managers and Leaders

RACI Chart Guide of how to build a RACI and how to do a RACI Analysis.

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