Change Management Models!

Can you find one change management model this is right for you?

Are there 'all in one' change management models? I don't think so.

There is probably not one change management model that can be used for all changes and improvements in one company.

The challenge is to select the best bits and pieces from each that are right for implementing in your company given its unique situation, and then create the model, plan and approach that will deliver success for your organization.

Develop and implement a modelled approach with an understanding the current situation and how best to influence it at that time.

How much can you benefit from understanding how to use these models?

Well understanding as many different apects as we can in this business improvement field helps us develop our own unique style and approach that can work for us within our own companies. Because one solution does not fit all.

Importantly: Basing everything on theory will lead to failure. Though some theory is useful, the actual end approach will depend on the situation in our own organization.

At the end of the day we are aiming to determine and put together the best way to approach and achieve ongoing sustainable solutions and results given our own particular set of circumstances.

John Kotter 8 Critical Steps

john p kotter
John P. Kotter, the retired Harvard Business School professor published in 1995, the change management article 'Why Transformation Efforts Fail'.

From that he outlined eight critical success factors from establishing a sense of extraordinary urgency, to creating short term wins, to changing the culture "the way we do things around here".

He says "Leaders who successfully transform businesses do eight things right(and they do them in the right order)." A decade later, this work on leading organizational change remains very relevant. This has become the change management model known as 'John Kotter - 8 Critical Steps'. See John Kotter 8 Critical Steps

Kurt Lewin 3 Phases Change Theory

Kurt Lewin
Kurt Lewins three step model is a significant part of change management strategies for managing change in the workplace in the 21st century.

It is also a fantastic change management model for understanding the basic concepts of a straight-forward change management process.

Unfreeze: Reducing the forces that are striving to maintain the status quo.
Transition: Developing new behaviors, values, and attitudes through changes.
Freeze: The final stage of crystallizing and the adaptation of ownership of the new 'as is'.
See Kurt Lewin Change Theory

Deming Cycle - PDCA Cycle

deming cycle
PLAN, DO, CHECK, ACT. The Deming cycle is a four stage change management model. It benefits companies by providing a systematic approach to continuous improvement and incremental problem solving.

The objective is to continually progress through each stage while aiming to achieve a better quality output.

A key belief of W. Edwards Deming was that "senior management has the responsibility to remove the road blocks that inhibit the workers from making process improvements". That said, the Deming cycle is also a change management tool to assist the workers to act to improve the output of their positions. See Deming Cycle - PDCA Cycle

More change models will be added to this page over the coming weeks and months.

In addition I have also included on this site several different views or styles of the change management process. Depending on if the business is large or small, the time frame and scope etc will help determine what types of processes to use. By reading through these processes we are able to find and take out the bits that are right for us and put together our own unique style and approach.

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