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Why Change Management Consultant?

Simply because every improvement we make, everything we do to achieve better results requires that we have to change something. Something about the way we do that particular thing has to change.

You have to be able to work through changes. Changes with people, structure and strategy if you want to get things right. And it is as simple as that. Change management Consultant it is! - Peter Barron

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Some Introductory Facts About Change Management

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Successful Change Management includes 3 Key Elements.

Companies have to focus on each of these three elements if they want to achieve successful change management outcomes and peace of mind. Strategies for managing change in the workplace have to address all three with equal focus and commitment.

PEOPLE aligned in support to achieve both the operations and corporate strategy.

STRUCTURE of the systems and processes and physical resources established to support the strategic objectives of the organisation.

STRATEGY as the defined method for achieving the purpose of the organizations existence.

Read the detail of each of three elements at my page What Is Change Management

Then why do so many change management projects fail?

Many managers and many people in business believe that change management is just all about people and processes that work for people. This belief misses some vital details.

As a change management consultant, when we hear these beliefs and approaches it is a warning sign for us that what we are witnessing is almost certainly going to be an eventual failure.

Allow me explain it like this: Within change management strategies where one of these three elements is missing, the focus is imbalanced and the business fails to achieve a long-term beneficial sustainable outcome.

Take any of these three elements out and the potential performance and profit results from the business will not be fully realised. The change management plans will not work out as hoped.

Take away the focus on PEOPLE, and when your change initiatives are completed the structure of the operations will begin to breakdown. People will begin to breakdown, and the performance of your organization will slow.

Further, if your organization does not have the STRUCTURE in place to support the people you will be driving the organization trying to delivery results requiring lots of extra effort and it will be a very slow process.

Likewise if your organization only focuses on the structure and people but it does not focus on STRATEGY and the key performance indicators, the company will most likely end up in a process of designing and implementing changes but there will be no real change in the profitability and performance of the organization.

Change Manager or Ships Captain?

Here is a short story to explain change management in the 21st century from the view of a change management consultant.

Companies once upon a time were similar to big ships sailing the oceans. When a storm arrived the captain would contact his crew to make adjustments to the ships operations. The adjustments would upset the status quo for a while but when the storm past the crew and the ships performance would return back to normal again.

Today companies are like kayaks travelling along a difficult forever changing river of gushing white water. Their business leaders are similar to the professional man and women manoeuvring and adjusting the kayak to keep it doing well, on course and afloat. They are in a constant phase of change management.

Change management is a constant. We can no-longer be ship's captains from the old days and revert back to the status quo. The company must be focused right across the board of these three elements of people, strategy and structure. And it must be focused on a continual basis.

How can you guarantee to get the results your organization needs?

By addressing today the three elements you need to take care of (people, structure, strategy) and thereby developing more confidence within your company moving forward into the future.

What Is Change Management? How do you define change? What is the change management process you will need to follow? What are the change management tools that will help guarantee you success, and how can a change management consultant help you?

Establishing the types of systems and cultures for implementing and sustaining successful change management strategies for your business and for your piece of mind for the long term is how a change management consultant can help you.
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